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    90 people from 15 countries driving the world’s transition to a flexible, efficient and sustainable way of manufacturing.


    We are creative thinkers, algorithmic brains, makers, movers and shakers currently transitioning from start up to grown up. In our 4 offices in Munich, Stuttgart, Dresden and Ingolstadt including our 2,000 square-meter site we connect digital and physical worlds.

    We believe in the formula “good eye for numbers + expert craftsmanship = excellent results,” which is why we create intelligent software to shape the future of manufacturing and build world-class autonomous robots at our in-house workshop.


    But arculus is about more than work. As a fast-growing team in challenging times we value any opportunity we have to connect and do things together even from home. We currently keep our community tight through thoughtful care packages, wonder get-togethers or bi-weekly all-hands meetings – and our body and minds healthy with free drinks, plenty of fruits and freshly ground, fair-trade coffee.


    We are the software development and design team that is at the heart of modular production. Our Team consists of Software Developers and UX/UI Designers. We continuously develop our real-time controlled software platform and intelligent steering of our arculee and third-party AMR’s.


    Our robotics team is developing and building our own AMR, the arculee. We're Software Engineers, Robotics Engineers, Electric Engineers, Mechanical Engineer and designers who are passionate about building the best possible product for our customer needs. We speak C/C++, python and CUDA.


    Our commercial team takes care of our sustainable business growth in line with our vision. We identify new customers and verticals, and develop individual solutions for our customers from concept to operations. Our team consists of Solution Architects, Business Development Managers and Sales Managers.


    We are a diverse team managing all different tasks at arculus - from Project Execution & Customer Success to Operations, Human Resources, Product Management, Communications and Talent Acquisition. We reaching new dimensions by making sure everything runs efficiently, with lots of passion by everything we do.


    Our company relies on new and innovative ideas. We value curiosity, creativity, and especially ambition.


    Each and every one of us has their own experience, both academically and professionally. Discussions are to be approached with humility and an open mind. Every opinion counts, and every idea is to be weighted.


    Communication is key to success. Everyone deserves to know what is going on in our company, and we intend to make that happen. We are all on the same journey together, we are all part of the same team.


    Not everything is perfect. Whenever we experience an issue, no matter if it is technical or organisational, we speak up. By openly addressing our concerns, we provide the basis for improvement.


    We want teammates with a good work-life balance. Family and friends, healthy lifestyle, and a generous sleep schedule are the three major benefactors to a productive mind.


    We are confident that all teammates are diligently applying themselves to the problems at hand. Not everyone works at the same pace, and not everyone needs the same time. We trust in our colleagues’ ability to manage their own time, while holding themselves accountable to our high standard.


    At arculus, we insist on building high quality, technically sound solutions. Years of experience in highly demanding work environments and different industries have given us a singular appreciation for doing things the right way. We are embracing the challenge of creating new solutions to address new and future problems in producing highly customised products.


    By defining individual goals for every employee at arculus, we can assure that each aspect of the company’s goals is addressed and that everybody is aware which parts they are contributing to.


    Competitive salary and stock options: compensation that matches the top talent we hire


    Healthy body, healthy mind: free drinks, fruits and coffee


    Tech of your choice: provided on your first day plus whatever tools you need to do your job


    Relocation: contribution to help with your organization and costs


    Employee discounts, get-together, happy hours, end of year party and more


    Full flexibility at work: You decide your working hours


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