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    Voices of the Team: Iuri’s Experience as Software Engineer in the Robotics Team

    This is the story of Iuri, Software Engineer at arculus since 2018. Learn more about his journey and role in developing the arculee.

    Hey Iuri, great to have you here! Can you start by letting us know what your job at arculus is?

    My job at arculus is Software Developer but I do more than that. My tasks range from planning projects according to the priorities for our goals to testing things and hands-on work directly on the robot. So arculus offers me the possibility to grow or develop myself while also contributing to the company goals as well as I can.

    Iuri and a colleague working on the arculee

    When did you join arculus? How has the company changed since then?

    I joined arculus in February 2018. Back then we were under 20 employees. Now we have over 90. The biggest changes are in the way we work and the number of processes we now have. The way we handle tasks within the team went from individual little worlds where people could do whatever they want to now, where we have several cross-functional teams, and everybody works within the scrum environment and can collaborate on all the tasks. We also have better knowledge sharing, and everybody has a more comfortable working environment. So definitely a lot has changed.

    What is the most exciting thing you’ve experienced since you joined?

    My journey at arculus is full of exciting moments. When I joined as an intern, I got to work on my own project that later got delivered to the client side. So there was me, still at the end of my graduation, being part of the whole specification for our latest generation of robots. On the electronics side, it was just another colleague and me, so I’m proud to see that I had a very big role in the development of our product. So the outstanding responsibility I had as an intern and all the knowledge I acquired since then, excite me quite a lot.

    Iuri working on a computer
    Iuri at work

    How would you describe our products to a non-tech person?

    We do pretty cool robots that transport stuff around (laughs). So just put anything on top of it, and it will transport it wherever you want it to go. We also do all the infrastructure that goes along with it, which is a lot of stuff.

    Who would you recommend to join the team?

    Anyone who is not satisfied with almost done, who is not content with less than 100 per cent. Someone who goes above and beyond to deliver just the best they can, who’s not afraid of challenges or going the extra mile, and who does all of that with passion. Anyone who constantly wants to improve themselves, their work, and their results. Someone who goes above and beyond for what they believe, and anyone who wants to make a difference and actually does it. That’s the profile we need. And that’s the best fit I can describe for the team.

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    Watch Iuri’s full interview below: