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    Voices of the Team: Megi’s Experience as a Robotics Engineer

    A perfect fit: that's how Megi describes her experience as a Robotics Engineer at arculus. Learn more about how she was impressed with arculus full robotics solution — from mechanics to software and even the fleet manager.

    Hey Megi, welcome! Can you start by telling us what made you want to work at arculus as a Robotics Engineer?

    I really like manufacturing, automation, and, especially, I’m interested in robotics. So when I  discovered arculus, it was actually a perfect match. What I also find really exciting about the company is the scope of our product, because we do a complete development of the mobile robots — mechanics, electronics, software, functions, and even the fleet manager. That truly impressed me, and so I wanted to become a part of it.

    And what does a typical working day look like for you?

    My morning starts with the daily. It is a brief meeting where the whole team gets together, and we reflect on what each of us did the day before. And then we talk about the plans for the day. After that, I continue working on my tasks. On average, it takes me three days to complete each task, which is usually implementing a new feature. That means reading code and writing code, as well as testing in a simulation. We are now very lucky that we have this test area directly in the office, so I am also constantly running some tests with the real robot driving around the space.

    Megi working in our in-house robot test area

    How would you describe the arculus culture?

    For me, the arculus culture is for sure about commitment. I really appreciate the feeling that we all share the same goal: making really great robots, and we all work towards that goal as a team.  With that also comes the transparency and openness, which I truly like. It makes me feel responsible for the work I do and gives me the certainty that others appreciate and recognize my effort.

    What has arculus taught you so far?

    That would be a very, very long answer (laughs). I’ve been learning every day from my teammates, who are really great. But apart from the technical things, I find fascinating what our team leads and management are doing. I’m slowly understanding how challenging it is to make this whole thing happen, and I think that they all do a really good job.

    Watch Megi’s full video interview below: