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    Voices of the Team: Maria’s Experience as Social Media Coordinator at arculus

    Acceptance, strategy, and trust: learn how these three keywords come together to define Maria's experience as a Social Media Coordinator at arculus.

    Hey Maria, welcome to our interview! First things first: can you explain what are your main tasks as a Social Media Coordinator at arculus?

    I’m actually responsible for taking care of arculus presence online. That includes our social media channels, of course, like LinkedIn and Instagram. But also our online presence in general, our website and our blog as well.

    My goal is to make sure that as many people as possible get to know who arculus is, what we stand for, what we do, and who we are. That includes potential customers but also potential joiners for our team.

    When people think of a social media coordinator or manager, they usually think of someone who spends all day on Instagram or TikTok. But the job is actually much more than that, I get to think strategically, and I need a lot of organizational skills, but in the end, I really like what I do.

    Focused at work

    And what do you appreciate most about working at arculus?

    First of all, being an immigrant in Germany, for me, it’s really important to actually get to know more people, and everyone at arculus has been so nice to me so far. And all of the social events are also a great plus.

    But also, as a member of the LGBTQ community, it feels amazing to be able to bring my full self to work, not having to hide a part of me. That makes waking up and going to work much easier every day. And, of course, the work-life balance is also a great plus for me. Being able to take care of myself outside 
    of work as well, and this whole combination of things makes it easier and makes me feel good working here.

    What arculus value do you most identify with?

    Definitely trust. It’s really good to know that I’m trusted to do the job I was hired for. So no one is really questioning my decisions towards what I think is better to fulfil our strategy and my tasks. And also, relating to time management, there’s no one really checking how many hours you’re working. No one really cares as long as you deliver what you’re supposed to. And that’s really different from 
    what I have experienced so far in other companies.

    Maria at the Werksviertel, where the arculus office is located

    And one last question: what excites you the most about the Jungheinrich acquisition?

    I actually come from quite a strong corporate background. So, for me, it feels a bit like “going back home”. I really appreciate how these big companies have people all over the world who are working 
    towards the same goal, so you actually get to meet people from different cultures and understand how they work. And, of course, the safety that comes with a big corporate job is also a nice bonus.

    Watch Maria’s full video interview below: