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Since the early 1900's, production lines have been built to last. Times have changed: today is all about adaptation, being flexible, and not being left behind. Production systems need to grow and adapt. Let's make flexibility the new standard.

A new paradigm

The production system of tomorrow has to be completely adaptable to changes in product, production program, and new technologies. You need to be able to respond immediately to whatever comes your way. Forget about compromising production capacity ever again. Set the rules, and keep ahead of your game. Flexibility will be your new standard.

Capacity management. Production flexibility. Efficiency boost. Cost reduction.
That’s what modular production is all about.

Defying Reality

We are creating a new standard, and we want you to be a part of it.

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Our Services

We offer our services in every stage of production projects, from the very idea and conceptualization, to implementation and prediction of system responsiveness. Our commander software will prove to be a powerful ally, and we guarantee to see it through every step of the way.


First step is always getting to know your system. With our software, you can have a very accurate picture of the current situation, focusing in the KPIs of your choice. We can help you to strip down the whole system, and analyze what is going on in detail.


Once you've identified bottle necks and/or efficiency drains, you can easily alter your input variables, and see how they affect your production. With a tool this powerful, you can create as many scenarios as needed, and compare results instantly.


With full implementation of our system, the commander allows you to simulate your production, and being ahead of any possible capacity problems you may encounter in the near future. Being flexible has never been easier.

These are a few of the benefits of our new system. And we are ready to put them to the test...

Working Stations are modules

Every working station is an independent module. These can have a predetermined buffer, and even their own small supermarket for materials and components. Line dependency is no longer a restriction. Modules can go on- and off-line whenever needed, without affecting others.

production order is now variable

Each product makes its own process line, making a new decision of where to go next after every working station. This decision is made based on the Assembly Priority Chart (APC): a tree of dependency relations between all needed processes to complete a specific product.

Products go only where needed

In order to make this system work, products must be as free to move as possible. Each and every one of them is carried across the shop floor on top of an automated guided vehicle (AGV), taking them only where needed and with the lowest waiting time, thus boosting efficiency.

Flexibility is your new standard

Modularity makes everything possible. Ramp-ups for new models, implementation of new technologies, even process failures won't get in your way. And the best part is, the system will react by itself! Flexible? Yes. Efficient? Of course. Smart? Definitely. The smart factory of tomorrow, today.


Our Team

arculus is the company behind the modular production revolution, headquartered in Ingolstadt, Germany.

This company was founded with a mission to make a more efficient and flexible production system in multi-variant industries, implementing the most innovative solutions. For the last 100 years, production has followed Ford's lead with his production line system, built and optimized around it. We in arculus believe the time has come to take the next step, to move forward ...

Our vision is to set modular production as the new industry standard.

Fabian Rusitschka

Co-Founder & CEO

Marius Leffler

Co-Founder & Co-CTO

Frank Hempel

Co-Founder & Co-CTO

Witold Kopytynski

Co-Founder & COO

Richard Mrasek

Software Engineer

Claus Ohrnberger

Mechatronics Engineer

Martin Hoppe

Mechatronics Engineer

About Us

These are our team's values. We work everyday to make sure we offer the best work environment possible.

reach for the stars. Our company relies on new and innovative ideas. We value curiosity, creativity, and especially ambition.

the round table. Each and every one of us has his / her own experience, both academic and professional. Discussions are to be approached with humility and an open mind. Every opinion counts, and every idea is to be weighted.

transparency. Communication is key for success. Everyone deserves to know what's going on in our company, and we intend to make it happen. We are all together in the same journey, we are all part of the same team.

a clear mind is more productive. We want teammates with a good work / life balance. Family and friends, healthy lifestyle, and a generous sleep schedule are the three major factors to a productive mind.

trust. We are confident that all teammates are diligently applying themselves to the problems at hand. Not everyone works at the same pace, and not everyone needs the same time. We trust in our colleagues' ability to manage their own times, while holding themselves accountable to the same high standard.

do it right, do it better. At arculus, we insist on building high quality, technically sound solutions. Years of experience in high demanding work environments and different industries have given us a singular appreciation for doing things the right way. We’re embracing the challenge of creating a new solution to address new and future problems in producing highly customized products.

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