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    From Reel To Real – Tena’s Journey At arculus

    Tena joined our Content Team in September last year as a working student. So far, she has left no stone unturned to show us her talent in producing content for arculus. This blog will shed light on her work experience at arculus, its impact on studies, and some useful tips for future applicants. Let’s walk through Tena’s journey in her own words.

    Tena, please tell us a bit about yourself first.

    Tena: “I am 23 years old and originally come from Croatia. Currently, I am enrolled at Hochschule Fresenius pursuing a Bachelor in Media & Communication Management. It’s my sixth semester, and I intend to do my major in Moving Picture Management. It goes hand in hand with my job at arculus, where I create high-quality content for our online platforms. For example, Instagram Reels, social media banners, etc.”

    Do you remember your onboarding process? What did you think of it?

    Tena: “Although my onboarding process is long gone, I still vividly remember those days. Some companies I had worked with earlier had no concept of onboarding. Meanwhile, everyone at arculus was so thoughtful and welcoming even if we weren’t on the same team.

    My managers ensured that I had all the necessary information, support and tools needed to start doing my job. Although I am quite inquisitive, nobody ever felt irritated with my never-ending questions. I always received more instructions than I would ask for. I actually hope to stay with the company in the long run, too.”

    Tena working at the arculus office

    Can you tell us about the work-study life balance at arculus?

    Tena: “Being a student myself, I know how difficult the university can get. Deadlines, submissions, presentations, exams, etc. Sometimes there is too much on our plates.

    However, I am super excited to work for a company that prioritizes and values my education more than my work. I not only have flexible hours but also the choice to work from anywhere. Unless it’s not a production day, for which I need the camera and equipment, I can choose to work from home, university, or even another city/country. That takes so much weight off my shoulders!”

    How would you describe your experience so far in your team?

    Tena: “I look forward to my work days just because of the connection I have with my team on so many levels. I mean, how often do you hear from your manager “how was your weekend”? I do, every Monday morning!”

    What makes your work experience at arculus different from your previous student jobs/internships?

    Tena: “This job gives me enough space to be more creative and think outside the box. For example, I am currently working on a campaign with another working student, that we can proudly call our baby. We are leading it just like a normal full-time employee would do. As far as my memory serves, I never had an opportunity like this before.

    Always happy with a camera in her hand

    You just mentioned that you are leading a campaign. That sounds amazing. How do you feel your job at arculus contributes to your learning process?

    Tena: “My learning and development at work are making me stand out in my studies. I now participate more in class or group discussions because I have a practical understanding of the concepts and theories. I have also learned from my team that mistakes and failures are inevitable… so I now know that I should not fear them, but make an extra effort to learn from them. No doubt, it has proven to be crucially important for my growth and development.”

    What is the most important thing you have learned so far?

    Tena: “As mentioned earlier, I am constantly learning something new in my field. Since my work requires regular contact with my colleagues irrespective of their departments, I have been able to get insights and an overview of internal communications within the company. It is improving my soft skills. Besides, I have also learned that everything is constantly changing. Therefore, I should always be prepared for the challenges that may come my way.”

    A quick coffee break at the office

    Last but not the least, any recommendations for students who want to apply for a job at arculus?

    Tena: “Soft skills like communication, teamwork and/or critical thinking are equally important as hard skills. You need to possess both to be successful.”

    You too can experience the best of work and university life together. Apply at arculus now!