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    Alexandra Boblov – the Artist Behind the Software

    Alexandra Boblov is the newest addition to the software team. She is a UX/UI designer working on the front-end development of arculus software. Her role is to ensure the overall user experience on the software is accessible, enjoyable and usable. This article is about her experience with us as a working student.

    Hi Alexandra. Please tell us a little bit about yourself!

    Alexandra: “I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual and Communication Design at the Hochschule Pforzheim. It is similar to graphic design but in a wider context. It includes, for example, UI/UX, which is what I do here at arculus.”

    Alexandra working on one of her designs

    What did you think of our onboarding process?

    Alexandra: “The onboarding process allowed me to learn about the company processes much faster. It also introduced me to everyone at arculus who offered their support, even if we were in different teams. Altogether, it truly helped me settle down faster.”

    And how is the work-study life balance at arculus for you?

    Alexandra: “I have a fixed schedule for work and studies, which I set with my manager when I started at the job. So I work at arculus on Mondays and Fridays and keep the remaining three days only for university. It gives me enough time to focus on my studies without compromising my work quality. I feel this works well for me.”

    So how would you describe your experience so far in your team?

    Alexandra: “It is good so far. All of my team members work from different cities. Therefore, we have an online team meeting every morning. I like to hear and know what others are doing. I believe it boosts our team spirit and keeps us connected.”

    What makes your work experience at arculus different from your previous student jobs/internships?

    Alexandra: “Compared to the agency I was working for before, I find arculus more structured. Everyone is approachable and willing to help. What I love the most about arculus is the company channels for extracurricular activities. Recently, the team planned a hiking trip to Zugspitze. I couldn’t participate, unfortunately, but the pictures were so cool. I will definitely try to join the next one.”

    Sounds cool! And how do you believe your work at arculus contributes to your learning process?

    Alexandra: “Usually, at the university, we only learn concepts and theories. However, without practical experience, it has no value. My responsibilities at arculus are training me to become more effective, fast, and precise at UI/UX.”

    And what is the most important thing you’ve learned so far?

    Alexandra: “Every day at arculus is a new learning experience. If I have to pick the most important one, it is creating clean designs. With private or academic projects, the designs tend to be more cluttered or not primarily focused on customer needs.”

    Alexandra at the arculus summer party in June

    Last but not least, do you have any recommendations for future applicants who want to apply for a job at arculus?

    Alexandra: “Believe in yourself. I was quite nervous when I applied for this student job. I thought I wouldn’t hear back from arculus due to the number of applicants for this position. But here I am! So go for it.”

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