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    Behind The Prototype & Production – Anika’s Work-Study Life At arculus

    Anika started her journey as a working student at arculus in February 2021. She initially supported the procurement of prototypes. Today, Anika is writing her Master’s thesis while also assisting her team with the series production for our Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR). In this article, she talks about her experience with arculus.

    Hey Anika! Please tell us a bit about yourself.

    Anika: “I had always dreamed of becoming a dentist. However, as a professional sailing athlete, it was difficult for me to commit full attention to medical studies. That’s why I decided to pursue my degree in Business Engineering, which is also quite cool. Currently, I am writing my Master’s thesis on production and mounting systems.”

    Anika during the arculus summer party in 2021

    How do you recall your initial days at arculus?

    Anika: “They were informative, yet not overwhelming. I had a million questions when I started, but they annoyed none of my team members. My colleagues were considerate and helped me get into everything faster than I thought, including processes, projects, protocols, etc.”

    So, how would you say the work-study balance at arculus is?

    Anika: “Initially, I couldn’t find the right balance between work and studies. I was too excited about my tasks at arculus. But if it weren’t for my team members and manager, who constantly reminded me to prioritize my studies and exams, I wouldn’t have made it this far. I think 20hr/week and studies are easily manageable together. It’s important to set priorities to find the right balance.”

    As you said, your team encouraged you to focus on your studies. Was it the same with your work as well? How would you further describe your experience with them?

    Anika: “In the beginning, I worked in the mechanics’ department. The team was very diverse. It had different characters, each having unique perspectives. It was interesting to work together, as we were always striving to find new solutions.”

    So, what makes your work experience at arculus different from your previous student jobs/internships?

    Anika: “I think the key difference is that I am able to express my opinions. I have actively participated in all discussions and shared my viewpoints. Another difference is the freedom to work independently within a team. Also, flexible hours are a plus point here. I can choose my work hours based on my schedule, which reduces my stress.”

    Anika working at our Munich Office

    What is the most important thing that you have learned at arculus?

    Anika: “arculus has taught me that work and social activities can go together. I will look forward to this when applying for a full-time role. Another important learning is that different perspectives in a team always generate better solutions.”

    Last but not least, any recommendations for students who want to apply for a job at arculus?

    Anika: “Join arculus (laughs). No seriously! Try to connect as much as possible. And most importantly, seek all the information you can get.”

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